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Come and have a chat to us and see how we can help. Our team is second to none and we'd love to listen to your health concerns and create a treatment plan that supports you and helps you reclaim your health and vitality. We aim to inspire you and educate you around your health choices.


Petra is our founder, principle acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine practitioner, natural fertility expert, aspiring cook, avid traveller and firm believer in 'preparing the soil before planting the seed'. 'My wish is to create a safe, supportive yet empowering experience for Geelong women, men and couples seeking optimal health and fertility. To support our clients in reaching their health and wellness goals, educate on available choices, and of course, provide compassion, presence, and understanding. We are not just a natural health clinic; we are a family'.


Jenny is our lovely, warm and compassionate acupuncturist with over 18 years’ clinical experience in women’s health, fertility and pregnancy care. She is dedicated to optimising physical and emotional wellbeing so that everyone can lead lives well lived. 

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Natalie is our highly qualified Perinatal & Remedial Massage Therapist. We are delighted to have her join our family. She was drawn to our clinic through her passion for supporting women to manage the physical, emotional and mental changes of pregnancy and motherhood.  


Our gorgeous, warm, compassionate and insightful nutritionist. Here to inspire and support you through every phase of your life. Through her own personal experience, Mollie understands the importance of having someone who will listen and guide you on your own health journey, creating a safe and supportive environment for her clients.

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