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Formerly Newtown Natural Fertility and Women’s Health, The Pod Health Co is our new baby and was created when we recognised the need to support the health and well-being of our wider community. To create a space that was inclusive and assured privacy for all those walking through our door.


The NNF clinic was the first of its kind for the Geelong area opening it’s door in March 2004. Petra was our solo practitioner back then, but our clinic has grown into a hub of like minded practitioners with a common goal - to provide a safe, supportive, peaceful place where women, men and teens can come to share their hopes, fears and dreams and create a space where we help them realise their health goals.  We believe that we have successfully created that space. 


Our philosophy is to provide highest-quality treatment and care in a safe, supportive and relaxed environment. To treat with knowledge and passion within our specialised fields.


Our aim is for every person that has contact with our clinic to feel welcomed and comfortable.  We pride ourselves on achieving exceptional results through the quality of our practitioners, the treatment that we give, the education we provide and always aim to make our patients feel nurtured, cared for and an integral part of our clinic community.

Come and have a chat to us and see how we can help. We’d love to listen to your health concerns and create a treatment plan that supports you and helps you reclaim your health and vitality. Nestled in leafy Newtown, our clinic is a safe place for you to rest, relax and unwind while you begin your health journey.

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