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Petra Joly Director and Prinicple Acupuncturist At The Pod Health Co and Newtown Natural Fertility and Women's Health in Newtown, Geelong.


Founder & Principal Acupuncturist

Petra Joly is a recognised leader in her field of Natural Fertility & Women’s Health.  She is a principal Acupuncturist, TCM practitioner, Author and Founder of this natural women’s health clinic, The Pod Health Co, previously called Newtown Natural Fertility & Women’s Health. She has been recognised on the Today show and people come from all over Australia to seek her guidance and support.

Since 2004 (two decades!) she has helped thousands of women and couples overcome fertility and hormonal issues to create healthy babies and optimal health and well-being.

Petra’s mission is to help as many women as possible, be the healthiest they possibly can. She wants to show women how they can have certainty around their health and fertility, have knowledge and control over their periods and hormones and create the healthiest pregnancy and babies possible.

She does this by empowering and educating women & couples about their choices. Petra's approach is designed to increase awareness and knowledge about health and treatment options & hold their hands through what they need to know, what they can do for themselves & where they can reach out for added support.

She is also passionate about teen health and has run educational programs for teens alongside the incredible Andrea Downie of Project Thrive.

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