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Information out there can be so varied and confusing. This FoodMap offers you a pathway to follow for increased fertility. Easy to read with a delicious, simple, four week food plan, including recipes and shopping lists.


If you don’t know why you are doing something, then you lose the desire and motivation to do so. This is the why, what and how to increase your fertility so that you can realise your dreams of becoming a parent.

The Fertility Food Map - eBook

  • I am Petra Joly and I am the principal Acupuncturist and owner of a fertility-based natural medicine clinic in Australia. I am a concerned and passionate health care practitioner, but also a concerned and passionate member of our community. Quite simply, if we can't procreate, we don't survive as a race. Which is exactly why I felt compelled to create this book: to aid you in some way towards creating a more fertile life for yourself, your family and your future children. Knowledge is power, it is something we can pass on to those we love and it gives us choices.

    I am blessed with two amazing, healthy children and live in a beautiful coastal area in southern Victoria, Australia.  I eat well, I live well and I try to keep a healthy work-life balance.  I am far from perfect but I do try really hard.  The nutrition knowledge I have learned over time, I will always have, it is part of my sub-conscious; this makes my healthy choices so much easier.  I hope this will happen for you too.

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