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The Long Haul of Covid in Our Lives

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

When will this bug run its course, if ever?

Whether we’ve got through it fairly mildly, or still suffering the after-effects, or escaped it so far, it’s still affecting all of us one way or another. Here I’ll share some simple techniques based on acupuncture channels that have been shown to assist with full recovery from persistent covid, that you can use on yourself or loved ones, or we can assist you with.

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of attending a workshop (in person!) with the wonderful Professor Janice Hadlock DAOM, LAc. from Five Branches University in California. Since 1998, she has conducted ground-breaking research into the bioelectric basis for Chinese medicine; the subtle fields of electrical flow that travel throughout the connective fascia of the body, that we know as qi. Fascinatingly, she has also drawn links between ancient Chinese Daoist philosophy and the even older Indian Vedic traditions.

Born legally blind, Janice probably developed enhanced touch perception. However, it wasn’t until well into her acupuncture studies that she realised she could actually feel the flow of channel qi under her hands, a skill she now teaches. With the arrival of Covid 19, it became apparent that there were some channel blockages that were consistently showing up.

One was at the outer elbow on the Large Intestine channel. This channel travels to the nose and sinuses, and blockage causes head congestion and possible loss of taste and smell.

The other 2 main blockages are found on the mighty Du channel, that run up the spine and through the brain to the forehead (or over the head in sleep). Blockages were found where the spine meets the head at the back of the neck, and in the midback just below the shoulder blades. These disruptions caused symptoms of brain fog and weakness, as well as potentially more serious disruptions to autonomic functioning such as breathing and cardiac function. And as the central tenet of channel theory states, any blockage causes pain, such as headaches and muscle aches.

The simple use of hand/finger pressure along these channels can restore correct channel flow. As Professor Hadlock writes: “You are trying to encourage or restart the flow of electric currents that run just under the skin in the sub-dermal fascia. Slow, steady, gentle movement over the skin with a finger or the palm of your hand can generate enough static to encourage this current to start moving past the point where it became stopped due to the electromagnetic influence of the virus.”

You can find Janice’s full instructions on how to restore channel flow by hand at (scroll down to the Covid 19 button to download the pdf, or contact me and I can send it to you).

Good luck. The people I’ve used this technique with have not been 100% instantly but did feel they had turned a corner. Try this for yourself or your loved ones, or come and see us and we can add in an individualised treatment for your own specific pattern, with a bit of me-time thrown in.

Jenny & The Pod Heath Co. team x

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