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The story behind the brand

As you likely know, we have recently opened a lovely little store as part of our Pod Health Co brand. Attached to our clinic and online we are offering a lovely range of products which have all been mindfully sourced from ethical, sustainable, local & enviro-friendly business’. Without question, you can shop here knowing that there are no chemical ‘nasties’ that will affect your hormones in these products. Our promise to you and following our own ethos.

Today I thought it might be nice to hear the back story of some of our fave brands and part of the reason why we chose them to offer you. I would like to introduce you to New Moon Blends and after reading this, you will understand our attraction to them, there is a little surprise at the end of this BLOG just for you readers, so enjoy the story.

Getting back to their roots/basics is the mantra at New Moon Blends. They don’t believe you should have to absorb nasty preservatives, chemicals or fillers, nor should their products break the bank. Which is why they’ve crafted an affordable, organic range of spiritual and wellbeing products designed to nurture your happiness. We all deserve a little self love from time to time and with New Moon Blends you can indulge to your heart's content — making those special moments to yourself a little more worthwhile.

To put it simply, take some time for yourself and let them pamper you.

We are the combination between beauty and spirit, combining herbal medicine and crystals to encourage healing and wellbeing - all of which are crystal and reiki infused to provide that extra goodness.

All of their organic formulations are handcrafted to perfection right here from their studio in Melbourne, Australia with your satisfaction in mind. Their goal is to elevate the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of as many people around the planet as they can. Not only that, but to take care of this planet too. Everything from the packaging to the production process is done with sustainability at the forefront which is why they only use glass bottles. This means you can rest easy knowing that you're not doing any harm to the planet and can even refill your bottles.

We hope you enjoy their products just as much as we all do.

All of their products are:

For all our Pod Family we are pleased to offer you 10% off all our products by using the code PODFAM10

CLICK HERE: to choose your beauties.


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